Advertiser Agreement to Terms and Conditions.

SA Artwork Plt is a crowdsourcing platform that connects advertisers with private car owners for the purpose of Outdoor Advertising using stickers on cars. This unique relationship allows advertisers to tap on the resources of the everyday man for their advertising purposes, while drivers can now enjoy the rewards once reserved for public transport vehicles.

SA Artwork Plt works out campaign details with advertisers and post these campaigns as Jobs on the portal. Drivers register themselves to view all the Jobs available and accept their desired Job for the indicated payout. Driver payouts vary depending Job’s sticker placements and duration.

This new ecosystem opens up the playing field once monopolized by public transport providers and big corporations with a huge advertising budget. Now with SA Artwork Plt, any driver can stand to earn financial benefits while advertisers can plan their campaign according to their budget without restrictions such as minimum quantities of cars and campaign duration currently imposed by public transport providers.

SA Artwork Plt currently operates solely for the Malaysia market. All sticker ads will and can only be carried out by drivers in Malaysia. We are in the process of expanding our global presence and if you are interested in engaging our services in your country, please let us know.

Please expand the sections below to learn more as a Driver or Advertiser.

Starting a Campaign

  • You may contact our sales personnel to work out the details of your campaign or you may request and fill up the Sales Requisition Form and email it back to

  • Before launching a campaign, we will need the following information from you: 1.Campaign Duration (start/end date) 2.Number of vehicles to recruit for campaign 3.Location/placement of sticker ads (packages) 4.Fixed/Flexible Recruitment: By default, all campaigns have flexible recruitment, meaning your campaign will proceed at the campaign start date whether or not your targeted number of cars have been recruited. However, you may change your recruitment type to “Fixed” if you do not want the campaign to proceed unless all vehicles have been recruited.

  • You may provide us with your own Design ad/Artwork according to the templates which we will provide, or you may engage our services to create one for you. All artwork will be illustrated using superimposed images for your approval before printing.

  • After confirmation of your campaign details and artwork, you will need to place a Deposit with SA Artwork Plt before your Job gets posted onto the SA Artwork Plt. The deposit amount will vary according to your campaign details. Your deposit must be received at least 20 working days before your indicated campaign start date.

Job Posting / Recruitment

  • Once your Job is posted online, drivers will be able to view and accept the Job under the Available Jobs section.

  • Jobs will remain open for a minimum of 10 working days, and will close 10 working days before your campaign start date for installation of the stickers.

  • Driver recruitment will be on a first come first serve basis.

Campaign Prelaunch Checks

  • Depending on your indicated recruitment type, your campaign will proceed depending on the following recruitment results: 1.Fixed Recruitment: Fully Recruited - Your campaign will proceed 2.Flexible Recruitment: Your campaign will proceed whether or not your targeted number of cars have been recruited.

  • Printing and installation of the sticker ads will be carried out by SA Artwork Plt staff within 10 working days before the campaign start date. During this time, your sticker ads might already be visible on the roads even before the campaign start date.

  • “No Show” by drivers may occur when drivers accept your job but do not turn up for the installation of the sticker ads. In the cases of “No Shows”, the campaign will still proceed even if your indicated Recruitment type is Fixed (Your fixed recruitment type surcharge, if applicable, will be refunded according to the number of shortfall cars and your final bill will be readjusted based on the lesser number of cars).

Live Campaign

  • Your drivers will now spread your advertising message 24/7 through the sticker ads on their cars while they drive around and even when their cars are parked.

  • Drivers are obligated to cover a minimum distance of 1000km per month. If the job duration is more than one month, the overall accumulated distance will be used (e.g. for a 3 months campaign, they will need to cover a total accumulated distance of at least 3000km at the end of the 3 months duration).

Accountability and Safe Guards

  • SA Artwork Plt protects our advertisers by ensuring your ads receive sufficient coverage and exposure on the road. Drivers are obligated to cover a minimum distance of 1000km per month. If the driver falls short of this minimum distance, you will only be charged the deposit you have paid and need not pay the remaining balance payable for that driver. This eliminated the risk of paying for insufficient coverage as your only cost is the deposit paid while you still get “free” coverage by the driver that did not cover the minimum distance. Furthermore, there are no extra charges when the driver covers more than the minimum distance. Distance covered per car is calculated by recording the car’s odometer reading during the installation and uninstallation process respectively.

  • SA Artwork Plt pays extra attention to the condition of your sticker ads. Sticker ads are applied by a trained personnel to ensure your ads look good and appealing. If the condition of the sticker ads is compromised during the campaign, SA Artwork Plt will reinstall the ads at our own cost. SA Artwork Plt is also responsible for the uninstallation of the sticker ads to ensure that the sticker was applied to the car during the entire duration of the campaign.

  • In the unfortunate event of an accident and the car is decommissioned, the minimum distance rule will still apply and you will be reimbursed similarly to the situation of a driver not covering the minimum distance.


  • A Deposit of 50% of the total campaign cost will have to be paid upon confirmation of your campaign before the job is posted on the SA Artwork Plt portal. Full payment of the balance amount will have to be made at the end of the campaign.

  • A refund of your deposit will be made for the number of cars that were not recruited and did not show up for installation. Refunds will also be made for the balance payable based on the number of cars that did not cover the minimum distance.

  • Readjustment of the final bill will be made and lowered depending on the actual recruitment and total distance covered by each car.