Driver Agreement to Terms and Conditions.

SA Artwork Plt is a crowdsourcing platform that connects advertisers with private car owners for the purpose of Outdoor Advertising using stickers on cars. This unique relationship allows advertisers to tap on the resources of the everyday man for their advertising purposes, while drivers can now enjoy the rewards once reserved for public transport vehicles.

SA Artwork Plt works out campaign details with advertisers and post these campaigns as Jobs on the portal. Drivers register themselves to view all the Jobs available and accept their desired Job for the indicated payout. Driver payouts vary depending Job’s sticker placements and duration.

This new ecosystem opens up the playing field once monopolized by public transport providers and big corporations with a huge advertising budget. Now with SA Artwork Plt, any driver can stand to earn financial benefits while advertisers can plan their campaign according to their budget without restrictions such as minimum quantities of cars and campaign duration currently imposed by public transport providers.

SA Artwork Plt currently operates solely for the Malaysia market. All sticker ads will and can only be carried out by drivers in Malaysia. We are in the process of expanding our global presence and if you are interested in engaging our services in your country, please let us know.

Please expand the sections below to learn more as a Driver or Advertiser.


  •  There is no cost or requirement to register as a driver. It is free and open to any driver with a car.

  •  You will need a valid phone Whatapp for registration so that we may notify you of new jobs available to you. You may “turn off” notifications reply "unsubscribe" if you do not wish to receive such notifications.

  •  Your home and workplace address is needed for us to calculate your average monthly mileage and most frequented route and area of coverage.


  • Some jobs may have specific requirements that you will need to meet before accepting the Job. Your application will be rejected if you do not meet the requirements. E.g. Only available to cars without rear spoilers.

  • You can view the requirements for each job when you reply to the “Job details”.

Minimum Distance

  • You will need to cover a minimum distance of 1000km/month before you will be paid. Drivers who fall short of the minimum distance will not be paid.

  • Regardless of whether the job duration is one month or more, you will only be paid for the months you have successfully covered 1000km in distance.

  • There will not be any prorated payment for distance covered if it falls short of the minimum distance. Similarly, there will not be any extra payment for distance covered above the minimum distance.

  • Please ensure you are confident of hitting the minimum distance of 1000km/month before accepting any job.

Accepting Jobs

  • Accepting jobs are on a first come first serve basis. You will not be able to accept the job once the remaining slots available reaches “0”, or when the time remaining reaches “0”

  • If you wish to accept a job, you will need to submit your application and book an appointment with us for the installation of the sticker ads.

  • After your submission, Carblicity will review your application and may reject it if you have not met all the specified requirements. Applications may also be rejected if the job does not reach the targeted number of drivers indicated in the campaign requirements.

  • You will receive your application status confirmation 10 days prior to the campaign start date.


  • The installation has to be done between 1 to 5 working days before the indicated campaign start date and will take about 60mins to complete.

  • All installations will be carried out at their respective venues, usually at SA Artwork Plt, 7 Jalan Gangsa SD5/3F Bandar Sri Damansara 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

  • Installations will be performed by trained professionals. Vinyl stickers will be applied directly onto the respective car surfaces. The use of soap water, squeegees, and hot air guns will be used in the application process. The application process has been tried and tested to be safe for the car’s paintwork and can be installed and removed cleanly without damage to sound, factory original (OEM) painted surfaces. Utmost care and effort will be used to use the integrity of your car’s paintwork, however, Carblicity will not be held liable for any damages or losses to your car. You may find out more in our Terms and Conditions

  • The sticker ads are and remain the property of Carblicity even after it has been applied onto your car. Removing, tampering or damaging the stickers are not allowed and will be in violation of the service agreement.

  • After the installation process, your current mileage will be recorded for reference and cross-checked at the end of the campaign to determine if the minimum distance has been reached.


  • While driving, you are expected to maintain good, safe, and courteous driving behavior at all times.

  • Mileage covered towards the minimum distance requirement should only take into account the ance covered while driving in Malaysia. You should not accept a job if you plan to drive your car outside of Malaysia. You must contact SA Artwork Plt staff immediately if you do drive outside of Malaysia during a campaign.

  • If at any point, the stickers are damaged, removed, tampered, or peeling off, you need to contact SA Artwork Plt immediately. In the event the stickers need to be replaced, you will need to come down to SA Artwork Plt’s office to get the stickers reapplied. Failing to notify us as soon as possible will be in violation of the service agreement.

  • In the unfortunate event of an accident and the car is decommissioned, the minimum distance rule will still apply and you will be treated similarly to the situation of not covering the minimum distance.

  • You are encouraged to frequently check your mileage covered to ensure you meet the minimum distance required.


  • At the end of the campaign, you will need to drive down to the respective uninstallation venue, usually at SA Artwork Plt, 7 Jalan Gangsa SD5/3F Bandar Sri Damansara 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

  • The driver will only be paid out if there has not been any tampering, removing, or damage to the stickers and the minimum distance is reached (cross-checked with your odometer reading).

  • The sticker ads will be removed and the job considered completed.